Holistic Nutrition Counseling

It’s not just about the food… it’s a lifestyle

It’s not just about the food… it’s a lifestyle


Holistic Nutrition is a whole foods, plant-based diet (naturally low in fat and refined carbohydrates) including stress management techniques, exercise, and social support and community. Basically it’s all about eating well, stressing less, moving more, and loving more.

Our genes may be a predisposition, but they may not be your fate. Research has proved that there is power in eating a whole foods, plant-based diet, to not only support your body to prevent disease, but also to give you more energy and feel better. So many Americans are obese, chronically ill, and slowly dying because of the food they eat, and the sedentary lifestyle they choose.

Through Holistic Nutrition Counseling I will help and support you to make healthy and simple lifestyle changes. This is not a fad diet, this is a lifestyle change to take back your health.

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“We should all be eating fruits and vegetables as if our lives depended on it — because they do.”
— Michael Greger, MD