A Little About Me


Exercise, the stress-reducer

Several years ago, I realized that exercise is a "must-do" for me to help eliminate stress. We all have stress, but too much is just too much! When I feel like I am stressed, overwhelmed, or have too much on my plate, and it is affecting my mental health and sense of peace, I soon realize that, hey, I haven't exercised in a couple days! For me, exercise is stress-reducer. After exercising, I feel like the stress has truly melted away. It is an amazing feeling. Do you have stress? I'd love to help you reduce it.



Making Healthy a Habit

Did you know that only about 6% of Americans exercise on a daily basis? No wonder why we have major health issues. It's never too late to start a healthy fitness and food plan habit. Studies have shown that a healthy diet and daily exercise may actually reduce your chances of disease.  Even if you have never exercised,  you can start today. Your individual fitness program is waiting for you.